Monday, February 3, 2014

Live show photos, a radio show appearance, and a little bit more crazy.

LtoR: Peter Searcy, Andy Brown, Dan Canon, Steve Cooley,
BRIGID KAELIN (that's me OMG!!)
Friday's show was oversold-crowded and SO much fun. Alex Wright was fantastic with his 9-piece?!?! band. I pushed the envelope myself and played with a 5-piece for the first time, opting to leave my acoustic guitar at home. Dan Canon played electric and Steve Cooley moved over to acoustic guitar for the night, and it sounded so so so good. I got to play a lot more accordion because Steve was there laying down the acoustic grooves, and who doesn't love more accordion?

If I can ever figure out how to get these videos into iMovie and trim them down, then I'll post some good stuff from my set.

Sunday afternoon, I appeared on Crescent Hill Radio for their Made in 502 radio show, an hour long program where I answered a lot of questions and sang a lot of songs.
I sang four songs like, including two unrecorded tunes. I answered a lot of questions (probably not in complete sentences because I can't think straight because I haven't slept in two years) and philosophized about stuff and got more airtime than they probably should have allowed.

So now is the part of the blog where I mention my baby. Playing sold-out shows and doing little publicity radio shows makes me feel normal. Then I wake up today and am ready to make a new record. But what have I done so far? Played trucks, read stories, made snow ice cream, made a pot of soup, and gotten poop on my hands (twice). I know, I know, I'm trying my hardest to appreciate the little stuff, but I feel all crazy out-of-balance and identity-confused. I saw a LOT of fans out there on Saturday night singing along, and a LOT more people asked me about making a new record. It's about time, right? BUT WHEN WILL I HAVE THE TIME???


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