Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun times at the Library's 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.

According to my social media feed, this is all that's going on in the world:
  1. Everyone in my neighborhood is getting lost because the grocery store is rearranging its aisles.
  2. Taylor Swift has a new hairdo.
  3. Everyone with a baby is tired.
  4. Everyone else is cold.
  5. EVERYONE has cabin fever.
We managed to borrow a car this weekend, so we got over our own cabin fever for a while. On Saturday we went to the library for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten event kick-off. The mayor read a children's book to a bunch of super-excited kiddos. There was a stage performance of "Harold and the Purple Crayon," which we didn't stay for because 16-month-olds just don't appreciate theatre. Well, 16-month-olds who desperately need a nap don't get it, anyway.

I'm pretty sure the wee boy has already ready a thousand books (it's really only 3 a day for a year, and you can read the same book), but I loved getting him a reading log and his very own library card!

The best part of the weekend was the children's section of the main library, where they had HUNDREDS of BRAND NEW BOARD BOOKS. We checked out about six, and each one was totally brand new. Like, we cracked the spine open, and some of the pages stuck together, and there were no spills or rips or dirt smudges. We brought home six brand new books! Now we are just trying to keep them fresh having read them all a zillion times already.

I've got to say, the wee boy is really social and doesn't like to be left alone with a stack of toys. But if there's anything that WILL occupy him for a few minutes by himself, it's a big stack of books. I've caught him just sitting on the floor, flipping through pages, saying things like, "Fish! Boat! Horsie! Elephant! Baby!" to himself. It's pretty cute.

My brain is fried from lack of sleep, so I'm going to sign off before I start babbling even more...

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