Monday, November 18, 2013

Seven interesting things about me.

I made the mistake of "liking" a friend's status (he's met the QUEEN!), so that means I was assigned a number. He gave me six. Another friend gave me eight, so I'm averaging it and making it seven. I'm pretty sure I've never participated in any Facebook status thing before, but I've really enjoyed this one. My friends, as it turns out, are fascinating.

So here are seven interesting/braggy things about me:

Q: Would you rather have a weeklong trip to France? Or a
silver bowl that lasts a lifetime?
1. My college roommate/ BFF and I met in a chat room on America Online when were 16.

2. I had Perfect Attendance from Kindergarten to 12th grade. As a reward, I got an engraved silver-plated bowl (see picture). The perfect attendance people the year before me got a trip to France. I'm still bitter about it. But back to the perfect attendance ... I have an immune system of steel.

3. From 1998-2001 I worked for CBS News (television) in New York, where I worked on CBS This Morning, various special events, and eventually the documentary unit. I left there as an Associate Producer in August of 2001.

4. I flew into Newark Airport at 8am on September 11, 2001, and watched both towers fall live from Gate 1.

5. I have played accordion, musical saw, and sung with Elvis Costello in two countries -- without a rehearsal. I still have his voicemails and text messages.

6. I graduated from New York University when I was 20 years old.

7. I am NOT outdoorsy at all, but I once climbed to the top of Mount Fuji overnight and watched the sun rise there from above the clouds.