Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a musical weekend.

Music tomorrow!

10:30am @ Mama's Hip. Family Music Jam! I don't often lead the Saturday classes, but I am tomorrow. Costumes welcome.  $10/family. We have shakers, tambourines, drums, some kids' songs, and some grownup songs that kids like.

9pm @ Gerstle's. Kathleen Hoye plays first, then at 10:30ish, Peter Searcy Band will be playing. I'm playing keys. Peter had to replace me when I moved to Scotland, but his current keyboard player can't make this particular gig. Brigid to the rescue! Details here.

What's the over/under on whether I'll be awake for both my 10:30am gig and my 10:30pm gig?

Also, I'm working on putting together a kids' songwriting workshop. I've had a few people ask me about doing one. Message me if your child would be interested, and let me know their age and music background. I'll work on planning it.

And one more thing: Happy birthday, Lyzz!

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