Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer was canceled this year.

Baby swimming.
Photo by D. Rosenberg
I feel really bad for the kids who had to go back to school this week. This summer has been crap. I know, I know, you LOVE the cool weather and the storms. Sure, all that rain was crazy, and the lightning was fun -- it doesn't do anything like that in Scotland. But, much like the first snow of the winter, it was only fun the FIRST TIME.

I taught a baby swim class in July and August, and it was only sunny for ONE of the days. On one of the days, it was downright COLD.

Kentucky, this is NOT what I signed up for when I came home to you. You promised me a few months of nasty, dripping, heat and humidity, and I feel totally cheated.

But enough complaining about the weather. Instead, how about a cute pic from swimming class?

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