Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introvert guide. This explains a LOT.

Click over here to read the guide.
Most people assume I'm a huge extrovert because of my very public career and stage persona. It's true, I'm super comfortable behind a microphone, and I can turn on the extrovert button at a cocktail party if need be. Truthfully, however, I go absolutely mental if I don't get adequate alone time, and if I don't get an hour of alone time before a gig, i'll be a basket case when set loose on the crowd. I am pretty sure part of my difficulty adjusting to motherhood is that I'm rarely ever alone these days.

A friend shared this a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd post it here as well. If you have ever wondered why I seem distant or rude when I walk into a room, read this. I'm not intending to be rude at all, but I do need some time to adjust to the alone-zone to the social-zone.

These images are some of the best I've seen (and I've seen a LOT lately) of capturing this Guide to Handling an Introvert.

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