Monday, July 15, 2013

Its name will be on a RULER! #royal baby

I see a direct correlation between the amount of blogs I write and the amount of anxiety I feel. There haven't been any scientific studies to determine causation, but I suspect it's the lack of writing that makes me feel crazy. Should be an easy fix, no?

My birth story isn't finished, mostly because every time I sit down to write it, I start thinking about all the things about the British maternity system that I want to write about. I think about all the things about the American maternity system that upset me, and then I just get angry and slam the computer shut.

I've also been completely obsessing over the Royal Baby. David would tell you that my most common inquiry is, "Do you think Kate's having her baby now? ... What about now?"

I've never cared at all about any celebrity pregnancy, but this one is exciting. I mean, someday students will have to memorize this child's name. It'll appear on a ruler in gift shops! On currency! It'll get to carry a sceptre and a crown. I am a nerd about history, and this is pretty cool.

Anyway, sorry for yet another blog post that isn't the final chapter of my birth story. I just needed to write something and feel connected to y'all. 

So ... do you think Kate's having her baby now?

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