Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back in the studio.

This picture has nothing to do with the blog,
but isn't it cute?
I wrote a new song! I've got oodles of unrecorded tunes for future albums, but I hadn't actually written anything new in many many months. Maybe longer.

Even more exciting about having written a new tune is that I actually recorded it yesterday -- like for real, in a studio, with an audio engineer and a fancy mic. Said engineer was most excellent, and we recorded two accordion parts, a guitar, and a vocal, in less than thirty minutes. How's that for efficiency?

And I think it's got a home already on a compilation that'll come out next year. Yes, that means you won't hear it for a while, but I'm still happy that it's finished.

It felt good to put pencil to paper, pick to guitar, and hit record. I should do that more often.

Also, it turns out I really like a prompt -- you know, like old school creative writing class prompt, except for songs. Anyone have any new prompts for me? I'm taking requests.

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