Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's garden time.

I used to write about gardening all the time. Then I spent a year and a half away from the dirt. Our garden in Scotland was prim, proper, and probably planted by people of yore -- a problem one doesn't usually encounter in shiny new America. My plot of land in Kentucky, however, is mostly a blank canvas.
Perfect Scottish Garden -- but with nothing edible.

This weekend, David and I filled our front-yard raised bed with seeds. We'll have radishes and lettuces within a month -- herbs sooner. The mint I've let go wild in the yard over the past several years is back with a plan of dominance, already making the yard smell like Derby.

I can't tell you how much I'm anticipating the first tomato.

What are you planting this year?

1 comment:

  1. Nothing edible! Thats sacrilege!
    This year we are planting the usual tomatoes, beans, peppers, squash, lettuces, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, melons, herbs and pretty much anything and everything else we need to can enough food to get us through the winter.