Friday, February 1, 2013

Waffles Monday™ et cetera

We've got an early riser in our home, and it's not me or David. Maybe the wee boy hasn't yet realized he no longer lives on GMT. Anyway, getting up early has NEVER been my thing, so I've been trying to make the best of it. This week I invented: Waffles Monday™.

There still isn't much food in our house, but I make a point to always keep the ingredients to chocolate cookies and pancakes on hand at all time. Then I realized I also have a waffle maker, so the party was ON!

When David came downstairs eventually all ready to start answering emails, he took one look at the waffles and his case of "The Mondays" turned into a A CASE OF THE MONDAYS!!! (That's a super-excited, happy voice.)

The trouble is that in my efforts to make extra waffles for future Mondays, I accidentally ended up also inventing Waffles Wednesday and Waffles Friday. So, um, yeah, there are no more waffles left for this coming Monday ...

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