Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hibernation, babies, just checking in.

So you haven't seen my wee boy yet? Guess what? Neither has most of my family. We are sorry. We've been hibernating, albeit not really on purpose.

David is madly hunting for a full-time MBA-type job (know anyone? want to look at his impressive resume? want to hire him? please? I don't want to breastfeed until this baby is four. We need groceries!).

I've been depressed. (More about that later.)

The boy has been awake. (All. The. Time.)

Anyway, we've just been hanging out at home having our own private Baby Music Classes in the living room.

So far, the boy is really into 90s rock, which I find really weird. He also likes three-quarter time, thank goodness, and dirges (emo).

Thought I could squeeze in a blog today during his regular 25-minute nap. But he's whining.

Anyone out there an aspiring nanny? I have an awesome internship available for you.

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