Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guess what I DIDN'T do last night? Also, Downton Abbey.

This photo was taken when the boy was
one week old -- not last night.
We stopped taking photos of the baby
  screaming because we realize
that's not cool.
Sigh. So much for sleep! I got a good five and a half hours on Sunday night. Last night, however, was a screamfest at Chez Caldwell/Kaelin. Baby for sale!

Being awake in the middle of the night was more fun when I was living in Scotland. When I was on GMT, I could browse Twitter and Facebook and see all the crazy antics my friends back home were getting into. Eleven pm on the Louisville twitter feed is really fun, but four am is really dull. Instead, David and I browsed Closet boards on Pinterest. Rock star life, right?

Speaking of things that happened sooner in Scotland ... Downton Abbey! You've all seen the finale by now, right? Don't worry, I'm not going to write a spoiler.

But seriously, folks, can we all quit complaining about people tweeting spoilers when you haven't seen the episode yet? Stay off the Twitter if you haven't seen a big pop culture event in real time. I was tempted to tweet: If you don't know that ______ dies in this week's Downton, you should probably stay off Twitter today. #spoileralert

I think my Mom still doesn't understand Twitter, though, so for her sake (and yours, of course) I restrained myself.

Also, I forgive you all for ruining the State of the Union and the Superbowl for me with your spoiler tweets. Just nobody tell me who shot JR, okay?

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