Friday, January 25, 2013

Things I don't miss about Scotland.

I miss a lot of things about Scotland, but here are some of the things I don't miss:

White Pepper
While once I thought white pepper was a glorious discovery that would allow me to pepper my alfredo sauce without the black spots, I now think it smells like dirty socks. In most place in the UK, you'll find white pepper in a pepper shaker. Ewwwww.

Virgin Media
Seriously, with a guy as hip as Richard Branson in charge of your company, you'd think you'd get some decent customer service. These people make US mobile phone companies look like Mormons. (Sorry if that is offensive, but I found most Mormons to be the kindest people I've ever met. Creepily so, but kind, nonetheless.) Anyhoo, we've canceled our mobile phones at least four times now, and we're still being automatically charged every month.

The Opera Singer/Viola Player who lived upstairs

Happy Burns Night! Toast a haggis for me.


  1. Nice blog. I'm looking at different ex-pat blogs and yours was on the list. I'm also a songwriter, but I've never tried white pepper.

    1. Maybe you can write a song about white pepper:)