Thursday, January 31, 2013

Accordion and The Moth

I haven't played Louisville in almost a year, and I had two gig offers for tomorrow night. Two! I'm kind of thankful that I accepted the first one before I knew about the second. Otherwise it would have been a super-duper-hard choice to make. Let's focus on the one I AM playing.

One of my favorite NPR shows, The Moth, is coming to Louisville tomorrow to record the finalists from the previous local Moths.

My job? Well, it's definitely not my usual BK show, but I will be there on the accordion all night long, gently (or as gently as you can on the accordion) letting the people know their time is up. You know, like when the orchestra at the Oscars cuts off the acceptances speeches when people start thanking the Best Boy Grip.

Anyway, I've listened to The Moth Podcast for years. It's gotten me through many a long walk and even longer drives. Believe it or not, musicians in bands can't always agree on what kind of music to listen to while on tour. But a story? Most people love a good story. I always keep the podcast on my phone in case of emergency.

Seats are selling quickly, so if you want to come, call soon. I won't be telling a story, though I have always wanted to. Maybe next year...

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