Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello, Louisville!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we're back! Over the past year, we made a lot of really great friends in Scotland, and there was a week of teary goodbyes before leaving. It was sad to go -- probably more sad than when we left Louisville last summer. You see, leaving Louisville was okay because we knew we'd be back someday. And while I know we'll return to Edinburgh someday, I doubt it will ever be as long-term as it was this past year.

We would have loved to have stayed, but work visas for non-EU citizens are hard to come by these days. I also felt a bit guilty keeping the grandchild an ocean away.

So ... hello, Louisville! It's nice to see you.

I'm going to post a few baby pics today because otherwise I'd rant and rave about how much I miss the NHS and how horrible the American health care system (that for some reason, many of you believe to be the "best in the world") is, especially when it comes to maternal and infant care. Well, there I go starting my rant ... I'll save controversy for another blog. Instead, here are pics!


  1. Welcome home. Once you get past the health care it is a pretty nice place to be. Maybe we will come through on our way home from New Jersey!

  2. He's so adorable! Welcome home!

  3. Greetings! What do you think what does your average reader look like?