Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our UK Anniversary!

A year ago today -- after five days of travel and six different airports -- we arrived in the UK. It would take us a further three days of waiting around in Manchester for our luggage (which didn't actually make it to us for another two weeks) before we drove to Edinburgh, but by that point we didn't care. A chaotic month of having a wedding, a honeymoon, and less than three weeks to rent out our house and move everything we owned into storage, and we were just glad to be starting a new adventure.

So, yes, we've been here for a year now.

I haven't written that novel. I'm disappointed about that, in that I kind of thought this would be my year of writing, traveling, and adventures. Truthfully, it has been a year of writing, traveling, and adventures, just not of the kind I was envisioning. Living off of a student loan, while liberating in many senses, does not allow much room for takeout and foreign travel. There has been a lot of soup, cereal, and daydreaming. And apparently, a fetus in utero saps not only your energy and nutrients, but ... your attention span. I've been unable to focus on anything for the past nine months. Even this blog has taken a few hours to finish.

Thankfully, Edinburgh itself is a magical city. I still get goosebumps when I see that castle, or turn down our adorable cobblestone street to see our little cottage in the centre of town ... the sea just over the steep hills leading to our neighborhood ... that poor lone swan who lives on the riverbank by our house. This place is a fairy tale, and it's been grand living our fairy tale inside it.

Reflections on the move!

Our last piece of luggage to arrive...

A few days stuck at JFK isn't all bad...
Why not go to Wales for a day?

Taking a break in Holyrood Park, after a long day

The amazing family who took in some
homeless ex-pats ... we made blackcurrant jam!

First day of school!

There are rainbows all the time here. Seriously.

We look good dressed Scottish!

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