Monday, September 3, 2012

Fireworks at Edinburgh Castle.

This city is beautiful. Wandering down the cobblestones, peering into quaint little Scottish gardens, turning a corner and seeing a massive castle jutting out of volcanic rock -- it never gets old.

Last night we wandered to Inverleith Park at 9:00 to watch the 45-minute fireworks spectacular. Louisvillians, don't worry; it doesn't come close to Thunder Over Louisville. Still, the show was beautiful, particularly because it was set at Edinburgh Castle. Inverleith Park is a perfect view of Edinburgh's medieval skyline, and the cool-if-you're-in-the-US/warm-if-you're-in-Scotland 60degrees was ideal for sitting on a hillside and watching the show. It made me a bit sad that we are likely going to have to leave this gorgeous country in a couple of months (you think the US immigration laws are strict -- ha!).

Anyway, our photos are terrible because we only had my phone, so here's someone else's YouTube video.


  1. i did wonder how you had managed to get that quality from inverleith park!!
    saw it from my mountain-which had no loonies running about in light suits last night-check out this ladys pictures on facebook though-they are fab.Anna Henly Photography

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