Monday, August 20, 2012

Warning: baby update and last weeks of freedom.

According to biology, this baby is coming sometime in the next month.

I've been working on a separate blog for all things baby-related, so I can keep this one focused on travel/food/music. It turns out that graphic design and professional website -- even a blog -- layout is my nemesis, so even though the new blog is up and running, I've yet to share it with anyone. (Try to find it if you can, ha ha! Clue: it's on wordpress, not blogger...)

A few folks suggested just morphing The Red Accordion Diaries into a parenting/craft blog, but I need to have something to preserve my sanity and sense of self. Also, I can't tell you how many friends I've hidden on Facebook once they started posting nothing but baby photos and baby statuses and baby comments and baby questions and baby talk.* I need a little grown-up space, and I also don't want to subject you to my homemade boppy pillow instructions -- at least not regularly.

In the mean time, the goal is to take advantage of my last few weeks of alone time as much as possible. That is what I'll miss most of all. Don't get me wrong, this baby was planned and wanted (amazing how many people have asked me about that...), but I know myself pretty well. I don't need mani/pedis, but I do need my space. I've gone out for breakfast solo twice in the past week, despite the student loan money dwindling away to nothing. Somehow I feel it's worth the price of my sanity.

On that note ... with my last few weeks of freedom, what should I do? I can't leave the country, but that's about my only limitation. (Also, no running, but that's just a general rule.)

* and subsequently unhidden, out of guilt and voyeurism.

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