Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Edinburgh Festival time!

I come to you today from a coffeeshop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, where the cobblestoned streets are packed with tourists and street performers. It's Festival (and the more famous Fringe Festival) time, and various roads are appropriately closed for ... the arts! Can you imagine? It's not a horse race, NASCAR race, or drunken quasi-religious event. It's a month-long celebration of music, theatre, and other artsy things. What are these wacky Europeans thinking?

I'm pretty excited about it, and I'm looking forward to catching a few shows this month, even if I have to waddle there in a moo-moo. If I can stay awake until 10:00 (and then awake through the set), I'm playing accordion and singing with Adam Holmes tonight at the Voodoo Rooms. Tomorrow night, we're going to the preview performance of the Edinburgh Tattoo.

Anyone have any show suggestions? This blogger is raring to watch and write about all kinds of fun stuff.


  1. I highly recommend Nick Pynn:

    Also Lach's Antihoot - but that only starts at midnight so maybe too late for you?

    1. Thanks! I have fantastic bouts of insomnia, so maybe i'll scoot out to a midnight show some night:)

  2. The Edinburgh Tattoo?!!!! I'm green with envy!!

  3. We're here in Edinburgh too, and can't wait to see some Fringe craziness! Let me know if you find something that's not-to-miss. This is our first Fringe, and I can't wait!

    For now, I'm already loving seeing the street performers start to gather on the Royal Mile.