Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday week in Scotland! Guess what I want?

Happy birthday week, everyone! I know the odds are that it is probably not your birthday week, but that's okay. You all have permission to eat an extra cupcake or day drink anyway.

I love birthdays and always have. It's not about presents (I told David multiple times not to get me anything but a card, and I mean it). Mostly, I just like to skip around town and obnoxiously tell everyone it's my birthday. Apparently most grownups stop bothering with birthdays when they turn thirty, but I think most grownups are silly.

Even though I don't want presents, I do want fun celebration times. This year, I've told David that I want to just eat all day long. So he's excused from dissertation work on Wednesday because he'll have to wheel me from brunch to cupcake shop to lunch to cupcake shop to dinner to ice cream shop. It's great to be pregnant on your birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Can't wait to do blue margaritas on the porch with the little one under foot!