Monday, June 18, 2012

One last holiday ... next week in Paris!

by brigid kaelin. october 2010.
We were originally supposed to spend April through June in Paris, while David did an exchange semester. After finding out we're having a baby, finding out we couldn't sublease our flat, and finding out how much new visas and short-term Parisian rentals would cost, we opted for the low-stress version: stay in Edinburgh. Boo hoo for no Paris, but yay for speaking the same language as your obstetrician.

But on Sunday, we're heading to Paris for a wee holiday! Yay for living in the land of budget airlines and credit cards, and for one last trip before we have to start saving for the little haggis's college fund.

We have no plans other than eating crepes and strolling through gardens. Both of us have been to Paris before, so we don't feel the need to run around and see everything. We haven't, however, been to Paris together, so expect lots of gooey stories about hand-holding and picnics.

Apparently, Paris is busy in June though. Stay tuned on whether or not we're sleeping on the streets. If we are, rest assured that our bellies are full. There seemed to be a few affordable rooms near Parc Disneyland...

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