Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grocery Store comparison ... cans and bottles.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm traveling is to go to a grocery store. I love the Farmers' Markets too, of course, but I like to see what the average person buys in whatever country I'm visiting.

Today I thought I'd bring you some finds from the Waitrose. Granted, I know Waitrose is considered more of an upscale supermarket (I mean, Princess Kate shops here.), so it's kind of like showing you Whole Foods finds rather than Kroger. But I'm a bit of a Princess myself, and Tesco is just kind of icky to me.

Here are some treasures you might find at a Scottish grocery store that I'm pretty sure you won't find at your local American supermarket.

Sure, America has its share of canned meats, but I'm pretty sure haggis isn't a staple at your local store. Y'all know I'm not a meat eater, nor am I a fan of canned foods in general, so all three of these things particularly disgust me. But I'm sure there's something equally disturbing back home, so no judgment here.

Meatballs: £0.79 = $1.27
Haggis: £1.09 = $1.73
Hot Dogs: £1.29 = $2.08

I've 'fessed up before that the one thing both David and I crave when either one of us finally recovers from a horrid migraine, is horribly processed macaroni and cheese. This stuff, however, has managed to be disgusting enough to evade even our impulse purchases.

Back home when I think of Heinz, I think of catsup and that's pretty much it. Over here, Heinz makes everything.

Price: £1.08 = $1.74

... especially beans. Or "beanz," if you will. 

If you've ever tried to replicate a Scottish/English breakfast back in the States, it's these that you need.

£0.53 = $0.85

This is pretty much what makes Scottish grocery stores better than American grocery stores. The variety! The flavor! The price!

Ranging from £29.50 - £42.95
($47.47 - $69.12)


I've tried to load a few more photos for you, but the server seems to be having problems. Once I got to the Scotch, everything else seems less important anyway.

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  1. Laphroig!!!!!!!!!

    So good! Andrew and I broke out the Glenfarclas last night...we were feeling nostalgic for Edinburgh...

    Congrats on the wee one!



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