Thursday, May 3, 2012

DERBY WEEK! Abroad. Is not as fun.

That's pronounced "DUR-by" to you folks in the UK. (It's "DAR-by" over here.) It's like the all the festivities surrounding the Diamond Jubilee, except it's only in Louisville, Kentucky, and they have lots of Derby Princesses rather than two Princes. Oh, and there's a horse race.

I'm missing home this week because people over here aren't so excited about the Kentucky Derby. There are no balloon races, bed races, art fairs, or music festivals. People are still working, and the kids are still in school. It's bizarre.

We're pretty excited about the Derby coinciding with Cinco de Mayo this year and are planning a Tex Mex-themed buffet for, um, ourselves. There was a "Kentuckians in New York" club when I lived there; why no "Kentuckians in Scotland?"

I guess if anyone out there is googling "Kentuckians in Scotland," and you stumble across my blog, then shoot me a message. We'll be watching the races on our TwinSpires accounts.

At least there are lots of fascinators over here.

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  1. You may have a look on groups on facebook (or sites like I'm finding more and more here.. it's really nice to connect to others who are experiencing the same fun and overwhelming things, like missing home, learning the local "lingo" and such. :)