Monday, May 28, 2012

Back from a week abroad.

I'm here! Thanks for your concern. Despite the Google analytics, I guess I'm still not quite convinced anyone out there is reading. But you are, and I owe you some blogs. I just needed a vacation.

I'm not very good at vacations. Even when I travel for "fun," it usually consists of waking up earlier than I ever would back home, walking miles and miles in a strange city, and seeing everything I can possible cram into a short time frame. I know it's not relaxing, but I like to get the feel for a new city. I don't always have the luxury of living there for a year (yay for Edinburgh!), so I never know when/if I'll be back.

Last week I spent some time in Louisville, and I didn't see my friends for very long. I was probably a pretty bad friend. But I was there to visit my parents, not to have a week of coffee dates. It was hard for me to reconcile the two, but I managed to ignore my phone and spend a lot of time sitting around my parents' living room. I think I pissed some people off, but I fit as much as I could (without collapsing -- remember, I'm pregnant!) into the week. It was really fun.

My parents, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary at some friends' house, were totally surprised to see me (see video below, but only if you want to cry!), and it was a fantastic visit.

Generally, I'm fine with west-to-east travel, but with a seven-hour delay at Newark making my flight not leave the US until 3amEST (8am GMT), I was pretty messed up for a few days. Also, and here's where you're really pity me, I had to fly coach! (I know, I know...)


  1. Love this Video! What a tremendous surprise!

    1. It was really cool:) Hope you and yours are great!