Monday, April 2, 2012

Wandering in Edinburgh: Walks on the ol' Cycle Paths.

Last fall a friend in Edinburgh told me about the elusive cycle paths in Edinburgh, a series of paved walk/cycle-ways that were originally planned for a Victorian railway line. For some reason it took until this past week to explore them, but they are magical.

I wandered the short mile between Warriston and Canonmills last week on my way home from a meeting and came across all kinds of treasures. The fun thing about the cycle paths (and likewise the wonderful Water of Leith Walkway) is that you see all kinds of things you'd never see from streetview. A later wander through the cycle path to Old Town revealed that the path stops right at Scotland Street. The old tunnel remains hidden and reveals itself only to the pure of heart. Or it's just been paved over.

Here's an allotment patch (community garden lots) I saw in my wanders that reminds me of Harry Potter. I like to think all these toolsheds are actually mansions on the inside where wizards host dinner parties: 
Community gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Cycle path in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here's a great article on the hidden cycle paths if you want to know more. And if you live here or are visiting, here's a clever map of the cycle paths, based on the London Tube maps. Have fun exploring!

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