Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Not Being a Domestic Goddess.

We are having another visitor on Saturday, which means it's time to clean the house. It's amazing how, even after instituting a no-shoes-on-in-the-house rule, the dust still rolls in. I don't remember dust being this bad in Louisville, but then our flat is a hundred years older than our Louisville home. It's had more practice at dust-collecting.

It's at times like these where I start to wish we were back home an not living on a student budget. We hired a house cleaner twice last year -- once before we rented our house for Derby and once before the wedding. The cleaner came through like a tornado, even making headway with the eco-green cleaners I had around the house. By the time he left, the whole house was spotless. I can't even do that to one room with all day.

I am terrible at housekeeping. Also, I have no interest in it. David's a little better (or at least he has the attention span for it), but he is equally as uninterested. You'd think with a one-bedroom apartment though, we'd be able to manage.

David's dad is coming to visit on Saturday, so I guess we'd better find the broom. Come to think of it, does our new flat even have a broom?

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