Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Style: Whatever You Think'll Fit.

I've been slacking on Pinterest for a couple of months now, even though I've collected several new castles to add to my Castle board. Lately, while browsing Pinterest, I've noticed that my friends are a lot more into fashion than I am. Or so it seems.

This got me thinking that, yes, all but 4-5 items out of my current closet were -- take a deep breath, folks -- hand-me-downs. Yes, I'm 33-years-old, and I survive on my friends' last-season clothes. And you know what? I love it. I got a box full of used clothes in December, and it remains the greatest thing ever to come in the post (except maybe the Girl Scout cookies).

You see, I can't stand shopping. I enjoy the occasional trip to the store to touch soft things or see pretty dresses or drool over the bedding at Anthropologie. When it comes to actually purchasing something, I get anxious and claustrophobic. I want out. Hand-me-downs are the absolute perfect thing because I never had to deal with a rude department store employee, an even ruder department store mirror, or actually making a decision.

Plus, it's totally Green, right?

Anyway, in browsing my friends' "My Style" Pinterest boards, it seems many of them have opinions on things like spring jackets, wearing mustard with mint (not food, both colors), or purses. They pay attention to things like bangles or necklaces. I'm lucky to remember to wear earrings six times a year.

I love how everyone else looks (much more put-together than I am), but I'm pretty sure "My Style" is either: a t-shirt and jeans or, for fancier occasions, a dress and cowboy boots (which I've been wearing since before Taylor Swift was born, FYI). So I think I'll avoid a My Style Pinterest board and stick to Castles.


  1. Amen! Now where can I find some friends who will give me their hand-me-downs?? Seriously! Will you hand ME down your hand-me-down hand-me-downs? :)

    1. Ha! Love that ... we'll start a hand-me-down ring when I get home. And yes, I didn't start getting them from friends until a few years ago, and it is the greatest thing ever. They get a clean closet. I get a new closet.

  2. Me too! I wish someone would give me hand-me-downs! Is there a list I can sign up on or something?

    1. Now that is a great idea ... like an Angel Tree for the not-exactly-starving-but-can't-really-afford-new-clothes crowd. Think anyone will pity us?


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