Monday, March 26, 2012

UK Tour -- finally over.

Ah, finally back in Edinburgh. We were only here for a couple of days (to play a show), then headed north. The last five dates of the UK Tour went well, but I was unable to find wifi for more than three minutes at a time. Somehow almost a week passed, and I haven't blogged -- unacceptable and my apologies.

Yesterday we woke up in Gartly in Aberdeenshire (I think) and headed back to Edinburgh. Well, Kirsty was heading all the way back to Manchester, but she slowed down enough to allow me out of the car in Edinburgh.

I couldn't be happier. The tour was great fun, and I met some just wonderful people along the way (my favorite thing about touring!). Still, I'm exhausted. It was one of the most mentally stressful tours I've had since my days playing with Days of the New, and I'm ready to clear my head. I love touring, but it's not the glory and glamor you're probably imagining. Thanks to Kirsty's insistence, however, I only slept on the floor once the entire tour. Pretty good, don't you think?

Let's talk about driving for a minute, shall we? Road trips back home are day or week-long events. Road trips here are anything over an hour. I know America is just HUGE. But tell someone in the UK you're heading somewhere over three hours away, and they ask you where you're stopping over for the night. Kirsty was a trooper and managed to drive from Aberdeenshire to Manchester yesterday. I'm pretty sure she'll be questioned by the UK authorities for proof of citizenship now.

And all you doubters? The sun is still shining in Scotland, and it's a glorious 68 degrees. Take that!

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