Friday, March 9, 2012

Tour update: Castle Collection, Abbey Road, and Wallyworld.

I know y'all think all I do is visit castles and sleep late, but I swear it's not so glamourous. There's not much fun in reading blogs about tour books, load-in times, and arguing with the GPS, so I tend to write about the sidetrips when on tour. We haven't had very many this time 'round, mostly because of tour books, load-in times, and arguing with the GPS. But we have managed to squeeze in a few sites here and there, at least stopping quickly for a photo.

Kirsty and I have seen loads of those brown roadside signs that indicate tourist attractions. The first one we followed seemed promising: the "Historic Market Town" of Retford, England. Folks, do not believe "Historic Market Town" has anything to do with Current Market Town. There had indeed appeared to be a market, which was closed, and none of the locals we met could think of a single tourist attraction to visit. I did manage to score a cupcake, though, so not all was lost.

We've been a bit more wary of the brown road signs now. Today I was really excited about visiting the Eden Project, a nerdy ecological series of biomes that would be heaven to a botany-lover like me. After hours and hours of driving, it was closed. Just like Wallyworld.

I managed to get out of the car and snap a picture of Corfe Castle (pictured right), but didn't have time for a proper visit. It was mighty and stunning though, sitting atop a hill above an adorable town (also called Corfe Castle -- how fun it must be to say, "I live in Corfe Castle.")

I figured I'd go ahead an post some other fun posts from our adventures. Most places we've just run long enough to snap a photo, but a blog photo lasts forever, right?

Somewhere in Wales. There are always rainbows in Wales. Sometimes even a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

A quick walk through what's left of the original medieval Sherwood Forest led us to Major Oak. Any tree with a name is clearly important. This one is thought to be around 1,150 years old. It's maybe half the height of the oaks on Cherokee Road in Louisville, but the trunk is maybe six times the width. The branches are supported by wooden beams, and you can't walk up to it anymore. But it's still a mighty tree. Robin Hood (pictured below) hid out in nearby oaks.

Ceiling at Norwich Cathedral. Norwich, England. Good looking, rather stark cathedral. I am still blown away by the feats of engineering from a thousand years ago.

Obligatory Abbey Road photo, London (St. John's Wood), England. Thanks to Owen and Chris for taking me there. I'm sure you've seen it a gajillion times, but I was pretty excited about it. I'll take you to Graceland someday.

We also had a great day out in Lyme Regis, which you can read about on yesterday's blog.

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