Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunshine, picnics, and talk of the weather.

It's a known fact that British folk like to talk about the weather. This was confirmed by my recent and English tourmate, as comments about the weather were surely the most consistent topic broached in the long car rides. Granted, folks in the UK are not the only people to talk about the weather (it's an easy topic and an admitted "social prop," after all), and there's good reason for the tendency: the weather here changes constantly.

Still, the most common weather conversation since I've moved to this island has been, "Ooooh, sorry about the weather. How are you handling it?" I'm pretty sure that most folks over here think all of America is like Miami. Quite the contrary, I didn't even bother to bring more than a fall jacket with me on the move here. There's no need for a down coat when it's only 30*F outside.

I know it was a mild winter in the UK (and in Kentucky too), but my internet research reveals that Scottish weather is still not nearly as cold as Ohio Valley weather. So, in answer to your concern (and I do appreciate your concern), I'm handling it pretty well, folks. See picnic and frolic photos below:

Inverleith Park, Edinburgh. A picnic in a chilly 70*.

Inverleith Park, Edinburgh.
St. Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland. Not a cloud in the sky.

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