Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Train rides are my favorite.

Quite possibly the train system is my favorite thing about Europe -- no invasive pat-down by TSA, no ear-popping, way fewer carbon emissions, no luggage restrictions, no passport control, and lots of exciting hustle-bustle of daily travelers.

This morning began with a 3.5 hour train ride from Edinburgh to Manchester. I'd booked my ticket in advance to get a cheaper fare (you can save significantly if you are able to book in advance), as well as reserve a forward-facing window seat, which prevents puking (another hot tip that might only apply to me).

In reviewing my options, I also ticked "Quiet Coach," which means a train car that restricts mobile phones and loud conversations. As I assumed screaming babies would also be forbidden, I opted for the "Quiet Coach." Unfortunately, three cackling Glasgwegian women did not appear to understand the term "Quiet," and I didn't want to be the mean old lady to tell them to hush. I suppose that's what iPods are for -- drowning out Glasgwegians.

Lessons learned: definitely book in advance, but don't assume the Quiet Coach means anything.

It's also impossible (for me) to take photos from a fast-moving train, but I always try anyway:

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  1. This was the main thing I missed since we opted to fly to time. next time.


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