Thursday, February 9, 2012

Singing the standards in my living room.

It's a cloudy day in Edinburgh, the first in a while. You don't believe me because the Scots have done a fabulous job of keeping out tourists by telling folks it's always dark and rainy here (it's not). But today feels like, well, like Scotland.

Days like this make me hyper-contemplative. I'm in a second-guessing, journal-writing, ballad-singing type of mood. For the first time in months, I've pulled my keyboard out of its hiding place and given it a little love. I've got a great gig on Valentine's Day, but this morning I've been playing Gershwin and Cole Porter love songs -- the perfect soundtrack to a cloudy February day.

Tonight I'm heading to a rehearsal with the cabaret band I occasionally sing with. We don't have any gigs booked yet, which makes me wonder why we are rehearsing ... but I'm looking forward to singing some old-timey tunes. Today, however, I wish they were more ballad and less dance. But I suppose rehearsals can't be chameleons.

In case you're wondering what kind of mood I'm in:
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1 comment:

  1. Love this and yes today feels like a proper Scottish day....flying back to the States on Sunday. If I don't see you let's keep in touch and I am sure to be back in edinburgh before y'all depart. LOVE LOVE LOVE.