Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Princess is Coming.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering which stories are dreams and which are real. This could either be a symptom of neurosis or of living a really awesome life. While David was getting ready for school this morning (and while I wiggled around in bed and made stuttered conversation trying to prove that I was awake), I noticed he was putting on a suit. Yes, it's an MBA Programme, but he doesn't wear a suit to school most days. I mumbled, "Do you have a job interview?"

He usually ignores my morning questions because I usually fall back asleep before he has time to answer. This time, I'm pretty sure he said, "No, the Princess is coming today."

Now I'm awake and pondering whether that conversation actually happened. I mean, it's possible. They have royals and stuff here. I'll report back after gathering evidence.

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