Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Princess follow-up, colds, and pretty gardens.

A few items of business today:

First, David did indeed meet HRH Princess Royal (Princess Anne) yesterday, which means when he calls me "princess," I no longer know who he's thinking about. One thing I don't understand about modern-day royalty is why they don't where crowns and tiaras. Princess Anne looks like a beautiful finely-dressed wealthy British woman, but a little sparkly on her head would go a long way (at least with little girls like me). Then again, maybe that's why things with me and Prince William never worked out; he knew I would wear a diamond tiara to the Waitrose. Kate would never stoop so low.

Second, does anyone know a good natural remedy for a cold? I thought my immune system was iron. We had a sick houseguest a couple of weeks ago, but did I catch any of those germy-germs? Nope. David caught it, but I've even staved off his coughing and sneezing about the house -- until two days ago. My turn. So what works? I know about coneflowers (echinacchea) and hot toddies. If anyone's sitting on an old medicine man's secret, please share. Tussin isn't helping. I'm pretty sure it's just a regular old cold.

I haven't posted photos in a while, so let's catch up.

My parents brought chocolate chips (as a gift, you customs trolls!) with them. Finally. Cookies that taste like cookies. The first batch is gone because David and I have no self-control when it comes to cookies.

As the crocus says, spring has arrived. Yesterday I didn't need gloves, nor even a hat. I took one of those fancy close-ups of this crocus, but really the entire yard was covered in them. Too pretty. Also, I  love our neighborhood (Stockbridge) for many reasons, but one of them is the side streets with idyllic little gardens. Here's a picture of the beginnings of a hedge garden in someone's front yard. I love the long-term goals and the angles. Personally, I could never make a garden look like that, but then again I don't like growing things in rows. Still, I love the overall effect. So British. (I know, this garden is technically Scottish, but manicured gardens feels like more of a British thing to me.)

Crocuses and front garden. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Finally, so David's family gets to see what he's been up to: he's been cooking dinner. Lucky me!

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