Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing Louisville friends, but a good Edinburgh gig Tuesday!

One of the things I miss most about Louisville: my musician friends. I miss playing a show and inviting Steve Cooley to play, knowing he doesn't need a minute of rehearsal, and I can still throw any song in the world at him -- even one I've just made up. I haven't had that sort of camaraderie in the local scene here in Edinburgh, at least not yet.

Tomorrow's gig at the Leith Folk Club has me in a brighter mood, however. Suddenly, I've got three local friends who are also playing, and it's looking more and more like a "Brigid and Friends" night should look. You know, the kind of night where I don't get any sort of break, and I love it.

Opening the show (or "playing a support set," as they say over here) is Adam Holmes. I've been playing accordion in his band for a few months now, and he's a real talent. He'll start the show at 8:00 with a half-hour of his own tunes, and I'm sure I'll be joining him. Then during my sets (I'm playing two), Diana de Cabarrus of CandyThief will be joining me on guitar. That's right, a woman guitar player, and she's not only incredibly talented at her instrument, but also a great singer. So here's hoping I can talk her into playing a few tunes of her own.

Then to really take the night from great to a-night-you-won't-want-to-miss, the one and only Nick Keir is stopping by to sing a few tunes with me (and I with him!). He's the whole reason I started touring over here in the first place, and there aren't enough superlatives to describe Nick and his musical accolades. He's an Edinburgh treasure, and somehow manages to bridge the gap between traditional Scottish folk music and modern Americana. Do I sound like a press kit? Sorry, I'm a fan.

Getting together a setlist now, so I can concentrate on enjoying a night of "Brigid and Scottish Friends" (well, Diana's English, but she's still a friend).

If you don't have Valentine's plans, and you want to keep David company (his silly wife is working that night), join us at the Victoria Park House Hotel, 221 Ferry Road, EH6 4NN. Doors are at 7:30, show at 8:00. It's £6, I do believe. There's also a bar and good food available. Seating is limited to 50, so you might want to reserve: or phone:- 07502024852.

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