Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just another Tuesday: Why I don't love Valentine's Day.

Ah, Valentine's, you day of Saints, Massacres, and Fertility, I never really celebrated you. I adore love, so let's not mistake my attitude for jaded misanthropy. I just can't stand the pressure, for the same reason I'm not big on exchanging Christmas gifts. I'm a big fan of a candlelight dinner on, say, any old Tuesday, not just one day in February. And presents are better surprises on, say, Friday mornings. Why the pressure?

David and I had only been dating a few weeks when Valentine's Day was upon us. Though we'd been pretty much inseparable since our first date, we were both a little hesitant when February approached. To make myself even more clear that I didn't want to do anything for the holiday, I organized a big EP release show that night. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm all business on the day of a show, so any secret Valentine's plans would have been foiled by my attitude.

I'm pretty sure we both sighed a huge sigh of relief the next morning. He had proof that I wasn't being all crazy "I don't want flowers/WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME FLOWERS???" and I had amazing proof that he was able to let me be on stage with several other men, in a packed room, on a holiday meant for couples. As always, David was perfect.
Today, he even let me eat the last Samoa.

If you see him tonight at my gig (yes, I'm working again on Valentine's Day), don't pity him. We celebrate daily. But if you can't stand the sight of him at the table by his lonesome, you could always send him a drink.

Gig: Victoria Park House Hotel. Doors at 7:30. Food & Drink available. £6 entry. www.leithfolkclub.com for more info -- might be worth calling in case it's a sellout:)

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  1. I mourn the passing of your last Samoa. :(

  2. It was very ceremonial. I hear I have more coming, so don't pity me too much.