Wednesday, February 15, 2012

External validation in a long dark winter.

Last night's show was ... sold out! How about that for a little validation, eh? I hate that that sort of thing makes me feel good, but I can't help that it does.

This business is hard. You create and you put yourself out there for everyone to judge. Even when years of training and practice makes the performances come easy, there is still nothing like the will-anyone-show-up-tonight? jitters. I get them every show, even when I suspect it'll be a good one. But yesterday afternoon, I was frantically texting folks who'd planned on coming that there were no more tickets available. Again, it felt good.

This winter was so dark, I'd forgotten that performing is just about my favorite thing in the world. There is nothing like seeing an audience laugh, smile, and forget about their troubles for a while. I wish I could connect with people on that level in everything I do.

Or maybe I just need to perform more. Any booking agents feel like booking me a run of folk clubs this summer? I'm so tired of google, email, repeat. I need more verse, chorus, bridge.

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