Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Visitors from home.

My parents are coming to visit today!* We haven't had nearly as many visitors as I thought we'd have, especially based on the "Hey, we're going to visit you in Scotland!" cheers we heard last summer. That's not meant to guilt-trip anyone; I know how hard an international trip is to plan (believe me). People seem to be afraid of Scottish winters, but I still contend that it's Baby Winter compared to Kentucky. And I know Kentucky's had some freakishly warm days lately, but I also know that it will get down to single-digit Fahrenheit at some point there. No chance of those numbers here.

Anyway, my parents do not fear the weather nor the flight, and I cannot wait to see them. They were here once about ten years ago, when I dragged them on another European trip. I'm betting they never thought they'd come back to Scotland. Now I must find adventurous ways of keeping everyone occupied without exhausting them. In remembering that not everyone can keep up with my sightseeing pace, I also note that I must have gotten the tourist gene from someone ... we'll see who can keep up this week.

*Prospective burglars, you should know that BOTH of the beasts are still at their home (see photo), along with several housesitters. I'm not kidding when I say "beasts." They will sit on you, then eat you:


  1. I know Patsy and Kenny will have a blast! Isn't it great that all this is possible? How lucky we all are!

  2. I have been reading your blog for awhile now.I just wanted to tell youthat I have enjoyed reading them. My husband and I are thinking of going to Edinburgh once the kids are gone to college,so I am loving hearing what is to do there!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous ... you should definitely make a trip to Edinburgh. I've been keeping a list of more travel blogs to post, but have been so busy out being a tourist that have just collapsed on the pillow by the end of the day. Hope to share more insights/photos this week.

    Yes, Vicki! Can't wait till our next visitors arrive:)