Monday, January 9, 2012

A trip to the Highlands (Scotland, not Louisville)

I'm no good at vacation. The minute I finally get my mind calm and relaxed, I start remembering all the things I have to do, all the emails I haven't replied to, and voicemails I can't access (the ongoing war with my mobile phone company). But this past weekend was a really good attempt at relaxation.

David and I got a car and headed up to the Highlands. He drove because I still freak out when there's a manual transmission involved. When I'm on tour all through the countryside, I have to keep my eyes focused on the road even when I'm not driving. Everyone I tour with is American and uncomfortable with driving on the left. So I'm the back-up eyes, reminding drivers to stay left, look right at the roundabout, but go left, watch out for the curb (depth-perception is the main issue when driving backwards cars), and stay every bit as awake as the driver. David, however, has driven enough over here that I don't have to warn him about sheep and stone walls anymore. So I got to enjoy the scenery.

Now it's your turn:
Stirling... think Battle of Stirling

Glencoe ... think the Campbells slay the Macdonalds:


  1. did you find ashley?- n

  2. You must have had a wonderful holiday. The Scottish Highlands are one of the best places to go in the United Kingdom. They offer a lot of interesting attractions and adventurous activities.


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