Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some good Scottish music.

As usual, I've been doing more than just being a singer-songwriter over here. I've also been a sideman, as I have been known to do back home as well. It's nice to have no pressure/no poster-hanging gigs. I don't have the holy-crap-my-career-is-over-if-the-crowd-is-weak moment before the show starts, and I get to be on stage playing music with good people.

I've mentioned Adam before, but I thought I'd point you to some of his tunes today. He's barely 21 and has received more accolades than most songsters I know. He also sings with a Scottish accent and happens to be a good guy. I'm terribly jealous that he has bandmates who do things like his website and booking and social media (artist friends, can you imagine?), but he's just too nice to hate on.

Have a listen at:

I'm not on any of those recordings, but if my tummyache goes away, I'll be recording with him a bit tomorrow. Oh, and we're playing the Traverse Theatre (next to Usher Hall) tonight at 8:30. It's "Free entry," as they say over here.

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  1. sorry i missed it-sounds good,never mind-another time,

    1. Another time! I should have told folks a wee bit more in advance, eh? :) Let's get together soon ... will message you when i top up my stupid phone!

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