Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scary flights, barf bags, and pretty pictures.

Flying into Scotland is scary. Last week I was pretty sure we were going to slam into the ground because of the strong winds tossing the plane around. David probably still has fingernail imprints on his arm. Also, it was the only flight I've ever had to reach for the barf bag. I did not end up needing it, but at least four nearby passengers did.

As we exited the plane (we are safe!), several people handed their used barf bags to the flight attendants, which doesn't really seem fair. I think that pilots should have to handle such refuse as punishment for the rough landing. Okay, okay, so maybe it's not their fault the winds are high in Scotland, but, but, but...

The winds are mighty again today. We woke up because the flat (and we live in an old, sturdy, stone, tenement building) was shaking. Car alarms kept ringing because the strong winds were setting them off. The fireplace is still howling with white noise. But the sky is blue and the clouds are rolling by.

We'd planned on taking a day trip today, but officials are advising people not to drive or take the trains. So now what?

I guess it's time to share some Italy photos. I posted a million on Facebook yesterday, but I prefer the comforts of this blogspace.

Sunset over the medieval village of Isola Farnese:

Christmas at the Colosseum:

The Etruscan city of Veio (ruins):

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