Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Me? In a Bridal Magazine?

Last year I was inundated with bridal magazines. This year I'm in one! How fun is that? If you were not at our wedding (sorry -- we had to keep it small for budget reasons), but you're just dying to see photos and stuff (ha ha), then pick up a the latest issue of Louisville Bride. (Their website is out-of-date, so you can't see it online, unfortunately.)

Also, in the piece I wrote for the magazine, I mentioned a funny little incident where the groom's cake we ordered (supposed to be shaped like Texas with Lone Star icing) actually arrived iced with pentagrams. Colleen, who was in charge of the groom's cake, graciously kept this little mistake to herself and crafted an entirely new Texas-shaped cake that afternoon, so there were no freakouts -- at least not by me. I never named the cake company who did this (it's a local Louisville bakery), but I want to make clear here that it was NOT the amazing Adrienne & Company, who did our main wedding cake. Adrienne & Co Indiana-based bakery makes to-die-for cakes, and they had nothing to do with the pentagram incident. Just wanted to clear their good name:)

There were so many excellent people to thank, I wish I could've just had a whole page of thank yous. But, ah, editing! You all know who you are. Although, funny, I don't think most of those people read my blog, now that I think about it...

Also... today is my half birthday! And Burns Night ... I love today:)

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  1. Brigid,

    I found the link to that Louisville Bride!

    Here you go. Post it.

    Best to David. Love the blog.


  2. This link is just page 20/21 – David and Brigid.