Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Legos v. Lincoln Logs.

While I was teaching piano lessons last night, I apparently missed out on some fun: David was doing something Lego-related for school with our houseguests (did I mention it's a highly-ranked MBA Programme? Legos?!). Later he explained to me that he was talking about childhood memories of Legos or marketing or something like that, and he asked me about my Legos. To his shock, I told him I didn't have any.

"I had Lincoln Logs."

Well, this, my friends, sent him in to wild fits of laughter. "Lincoln Logs?! I thought that's what our grandparents played with! Bwahahahahah!"

I went on to explain that the boys across the street had Legos, but they never let me play with them because of the old No-Girls-Allowed rule. "I think I got one or two Legos once as a Happy Meal prize, but you can't really build anything with one or two Legos." If he wasn't rolling before, he was getting the side-splits now.

"You poor thing! Lincoln Logs Bwahahahahah! You can only build squares!"

"And other quadrilaterals!!"

Was I really so deprived?

After some research, I learned that Lincoln Logs were, indeed, invented for our grandparents -- in the year 1916. Interesting fact: they were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright's son.

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