Friday, January 6, 2012

Book-it! Novels, challenges, lists ... and what to read next...

I know pride is a sin and all, but, hey, I'm not really into labels. That way I can be proud of myself for completing my 2011 GoodReads Challenge. It's a self-imposed book-reading goal and has been a fun way to keep track of books and pages that I read. I read a total of 58 books last year (though I only listed 54 -- 17,000 pages --- on GoodReads because I don't want you all to know about all the smut I've been reading). My dad read just as many books (53), but wayyyyyy more pages (25,000). Okay, okay, so one of my books was Daisy Miller. It's not exactly a tome, but at least it's a classic. I totally admit to reading lots of guilty-pleasures. There's nothing better when you need an escape. But I guarantee you, not one of my dad's books was a "baby book," as he likes to refer to my reading list.

This year, I set my GoodReads goal to 60 books. That seems like a lot, but consider that George W. Bush supposedly read 95 books during 2006. Ninety-five. Yes, there are loads of jokes ready for the making, but still ... give pause and think.

I've read two books so far in 2012 (2% ahead!) -- one trashy fiction and one thoughtful non-fiction. Now I have a massive list of things I need to read. Still, I'd love nothing more than to be in the middle of a novel-I-don't-want-to-end. Anyone reading one of those right now? I'm envious...

Anyway, back to vacation.

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