Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another shout-out to the NHS or "I Love the Dentist!"

Can I just give another shout-out to the NHS this morning? David had two fillings and a teeth cleaning, and the total cost was ... drum roll, please ... forty dollars. Twenty-six pounds! Also, this morning, while providing moral support for David's dental appointment (he doesn't do well with drills), I asked to schedule my own teeth cleaning. The earliest time they could get me in was ... wait for it ... tomorrow morning.

Another interesting fact about life in the UK: my migraines have been satiated by a little bit of medication called Tylenol (acetaminophen) with codeine, which is not only Over-the-counter here, but cost about two dollars for 36 pills. Sure, they make me nauseated, but so does a migraine. At least they help the pain. Regular ol' tylenol/acetaminophen cost literally £0.15 ($0.23 -- twenty-three Lincoln pennies) for a pack of 16.

I've had a few complaints about bad customer service and ridiculous TV licenses, but today I'm pretty pleased with life in the United Kingdom. In fact, maybe I'll work on a whole blog about things that are better over here than back home. Remind me to tell you some amazing things about their library technology ...


  1. You may be interested in Syndol for your migraines. It's the only thing I find works with mine, and it never makes me feel sick. It costs a little more than the stuff you're using at the moment (about £5 for 30) but I honestly don't know anything better - and that includes prescription drugs! You just have to ask for this over the counter.
    Be warned it may make you very sleepy though as it contains a muscle relaxant!

  2. Who says "socialized" medicine is BAD and you have to wait forever to get an appointment. You have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to see some physicians in the US and it's terribly costly. I think the only people who think the way medicine is run in the US are the health insurance companies that make obscene profits on people's misery!

  3. Wow. I may fly over there just to go to the dentist. I'm due for a visit.

  4. Thanks, Phil ... that is good to know. I am completely amazed at the number of OTC meds over here. I don't even know what to ask for. Back home my doctor would give me "Free sample" drugs on occasion (rather than writing an Rx) because she was trying to protect me -- officially diagnosing "migraines" on my medical records would be bad news for applying for future health insurance.

    M.J. -- totally agree. My dentist back home -- who I've had forever and has been great -- basically requires appointments like that six months in advance. I had been warned (even by UK locals) that waiting times are crazy-long over here. I have also learned that many folks think waiting two weeks for an appointment is unacceptable. We have definitely been brainwashed to think socialized medicine means living with a toothache for years ...

    Erin -- David and I said the same thing. That when we move home, if we ever need a crown or something, it's still cheaper to fly back here and get it. I heard them quote two crowns for £75 this morning. I got one about six years ago and it s $850. My mom just bought a plane ticket here for $700...