Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To bring the show or not to bring the show?

I'm actually playing music tonight -- my own music. Shocking, right? It's not a full-on Brigid show, but I'm singing 4-songs at Acoustic Edinburgh, a monthly showcase of local and touring talent in one of those lovely quiet rooms. Four songs is easy for some performers, but I'm a bit more high maintenance. I have this deep-seated belief that you should always bring the show. A Brigid Kaelin show, however, features at least piano, guitar, accordion, and musical saw. Bringing all that out for a 4-song set is both obnoxious for the sound engineers and for my back, especially in a city where I don't own a car. Also, the saw trick is only about 90 seconds, so do I really waste a whole song on a party trick?

I always have this trouble. Maybe I should play the sensitive songwriter tonight and just bring a guitar, explain my songs, and ask people to listen closely for double-entendres and slant rhymes. Or I could be entertaining and hope they catch the art too.

Truthfully, it's the keyboard I don't like lugging, except that the keyboard is my first (and best) instrument and the most useful for a solo show. I should have been a fiddle player. Or brought my band over here.

Anyway, maybe I'll see you tonight and you can see what I ended up hauling to the show? Acoustic Edinburgh is the First Tuesday of every month at The Third Door 45-47 Lothian St, EH1 1HB Edinburgh. The show starts at 7:30, but I'm not sure what time I'm playing (I'm not last). Not very helpful is it? Don't worry, the rest of the acts are great too ... Acoustic Edinburgh is discerning (thanks for having me!).

It's free entry. That's Scottish for No Cover.

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