Thursday, December 8, 2011

So it's a little windy in Scotland today.

It's time to build a living room fort again. The wind is roaring across our fireplace and sounds like a hairdryer stuck in the chimney. It's windy today. My fellow Edinburghians may find that an understatement.

When I was on Skye in May, @DanCanon and I went out sightseeing on one of the windiest days in the history of meteorology. Except we didn't realize anything was out of sorts. Skye is a Jurassic-looking island anyway, and the blustery weather seemed fitting for an afternoon of wandering up to deadly cliffs and taking pictures. Plus, for some reason unknown to us, we were the only tourists out and about, making the Quiraing extra special and spooky. Any native would have called us insane and called the coast guard preemptively. Hours later, as we played a totally acoustic gig in Portree because the power had gone out and "wasn't expected to return for days" (although it did return eventually that night), we figured out that 100mph winds are not actually typical in Scotland, however much they fit the story.

Today was one of those days. I was sitting in The Bailie enjoying a deep-fried veggie burger and a real Coke (like with REAL sugar, not high fructose corn syrup) with a friend, when David sends me a text: I love you. Are you safe? What? I mean, I noticed it was windy while crossing the street earlier, but it wasn't that bad. Apparently it was. Bad enough that they canceled school. He did say it seemed like the bus was going to blow over the bridge on his way back home, and he wasn't even riding a double-decker bus.

Still, though. We just walked home from the Bailie, and it just felt like a super-windy day. David seems to think my weather radar is screwed up from the last few bizarro weather incidents we've seen in Louisville, and he's probably right. After the past couple years of multiple flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms and ice-storms that left me without electricity for 10 days easy, and enough blizzards to last a lifetime, a windy day is kind of meaningless for me. But then, I'm not riding across a bridge on a double-decker bus. I'm staying in with popcorn and a book tonight, safe in my living room fort.

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