Monday, December 19, 2011

Photo adventures in Rome.

You know it's a good trip when you're too busy having adventures to stop and write about adventures. But how about a few quick photos to share the fun? Interesting facts and funny stories will have to wait. For now, enjoy the view.

Rome has some amazing ruins. Some of the scultures have fallen apart, however, so you have to imagine what they would have looked like originally. Like this, perhaps:

Girl reading "The Da Vinci Code" outside the Pantheon (Rome):

The Trevi Fountain (Rome):

The Spanish Steps:

The view from John Keats's last dwelling. Keats is the only poet I ever liked in high school. Mostly I think I loved his story (but isn't it all about the story?) ... so young and dedicated and in love and then died of the consumption! Such a romantic end, generally reserved for sopranos and tenors. Keats was obviously a tenor.

Headed towards Vatican City (from Rome):

So many more photos, stories, and secrets to share... a domani!

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