Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A box from home!

There are very few things as comforting as receiving a package from home. Despite having to pay a hefty-tariff, I was very excited to see a you've-got-mail slip in my letterbox last week, followed by delivery of an equally hefty-sized box. My parents are the best.

It was partly filled with mail from home and some business stuff I'd asked them to send, but it also contained treats!

Contents of awesome box from home:
- about eight pairs of tights (why are tights called "pairs" anyway?) varying in colors and patterns
- socks for me!
- socks for David!
- measuring cups that are both metric AND imperial
- tennis shoes

The purple and black striped tights made an appearance the day I received them, as I wore them with a black miniskirt to meet David for a post-exam drink. I am pretty sure I received some questionable looks from several people in David's programme, many of whom probably already think I'm an eccentric nut, but that's okay. If you can't embarrass your husband, who can you embarrass? Besides, David didn't actually seem all that affected by my wardrobe choice. It may be time to bust out the orange stripes...

Should anyone else out there care to surprise us with a package, just let me know. I've gotten really good at writing thank you notes in the post-wedding chaos.

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