Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Little Cabin Home ... in Edinburgh?

I've played Edinburgh to packed rooms at least three times (and to less-than-packed rooms at least twice), but suddenly I'm a new local, which is totally different than being an international touring artist. I was too young and dumb to remember the intimidation-factor of being new on the Louisville music scene. Now back home I'm spoiled by invitations to sing at galas and great gigs. Edinburgh is different, and it's a lot like starting over.

Last night I pulled myself up by my wellie-bootstraps and ventured out to a local jam. Before you start picturing deedle-ee-dee tunes, know that this was a bluegrass jam. Yes, bluegrass. I guess it's not totally out-of-place considering most bluegrass songs are just versions of celtic tunes transposed to G and with a banjo. Still, it was bizarre to hear a brogue followed by a Stanley Brothers tune.
Also, just in case I haven't bragged about my friend Steve Cooley enough, know that folks here in Edinburgh were VERY impressed to know that I play with Steve. Steve, did you know that I'm namedropping you over here? Thanks.

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